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Specialist Provision and Learning Support Babington Community College is an inclusive college. This has been recognised by our success in achieving the Inclusion Quality Mark. We are keen to ensure that all of students are given the opportunity to reach their full potential whatever their starting point or learning needs. As with all schools some students have difficulties with learning from time to time, but we do not see this as a barrier to their aspirations and achievement.

Our Special Educational Needs co-ordinator (SENCO) is Mrs Kim Kent, and can be contacted by telephone 0116 2221616 or by email:

Our SEND policy is designed to:

  • ensure that parents and carers are informed of the provision for students with SEND including assessment arrangements and the support available
  • explain our admissions procedure with regard to SEND
  • provide a point of contact for parents and carers of students with SEND

Designated Special Provision for Speech, Language and Communication Needs

Babington has designated special provision to provide support for students with communication difficulties including autism.

The designated special provision provides support for students with communication difficulties including autism. We aim to:

  • provide speech and language assessment and intervention
  • provide access to a mainstream curriculum appropriate to individual need. Some will spend a significant part of their day in the DSP whilst others will only use the DSP as a base to work on specific individualised programmes
  • work with parents and outside agencies in developing an integrated approach to speech and language and ASD support

Range of Needs

Students will be considered for the provision if they have communication difficulties and/or Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Priority will be given to students with a statement of special educational needs. Temporary or part time placements for students without statements will be considered.

The School Environment

Babington Community College is a specialist sports college. In addition to the facilities generally available for all students there is a discrete area for students with special educational needs. The DSP is located within the special needs department.

Additional facilities include access to ICT, a sensory room, Life Skills base, Catch Up Literacy and Numeracy room, physiotherapy room, meeting room and teaching area. As part of the college students will have access to the main school facilities including all sports facilities, library, ICT suites, media base, drama and dance studio, theatre, Technology and Science faculties.

School Organisation

The Designated Special Provision is seen as an integral part of Babington Community College. It offers an appropriate and aspirational curriculum based on the National Curriculum. The active inclusion of all DSP students within and outside the classroom is a priority. Curriculum delivery takes place both in mainstream lessons and in the DSP base through carefully planned strategies, the use of structure and differentiated delivery to promote effective learning. The base offers targeted individual and group work. In addition we offer:

  • specific speech, language and communication skills support
  • re-enforcement of curriculum vocabulary and concepts
  • study skills
  • organisational skills
  • flexible timetable arrangements
  • social communication and interaction skills
  • opportunities to develop life skills and independence