Learning Without Limits Academy Trust

Learning without limits

Babington Academy is the lead Academy in the
Learning without Limits Academy Trust

Our mission and ethos

At Learning without Limits Academy Trust we will work together for our schools to be outstanding and for all our learners to grow, aim high and thrive in their ambitions. Our learners will be confident members of our community whose voices are heard and who are prepared and able to tackle the barriers that may limit them in fulfilling their ambitions. 

The environment we create will be one which is inspiring, supportive and inclusive.  We will build resilient learners with the skills to be responsible citizens, and in doing so transform life chances in a way which supports positive outcomes for our communities and our city.

Our values

The following core values underpin this mission and shape everything we do.

Working together
We will lead the way in collaborative learning recognising the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We will listen and make sure everyone has a voice that can be heard.

Making a difference
We will make everything we do count and ensure all our resources are used wisely and responsibly to achieve the best value for money possible. In taking decisions we will make sure what we do is right for our learners, our community and our city.

Inspirational and creative
We will inspire our learners so that they continually grow and build their sense of self-worth and self-esteem knowing that believing is achieving. We will be creative in what we do to raise aspirations and deliver outcomes in order for our schools to be outstanding, and be recognised locally and nationally for leading the way.

Supportive and inclusive
We will have a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment where we respect and learn from each other. We will support each other in overcoming adversity and disadvantage, and value individuality. 

Building resilience
We will support our learners to grow, thrive and become well rounded individuals with the skills to grow into responsible citizens prepared to take their place in modern Britain and the world. We will support our staff and those who work closely with us to give of their best and enjoy what they do.

Supporting our communities
We will seek to build links out to communities and use our resources in ways which can support the wider community and city to achieve positive outcomes.


To find out more please visit the Learning without Limits website below.

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