Leisure & Tourism

GCSE Leisure and Tourism

GCSE option offered at KS4:

AQA Leisure and Tourism GCSE single award (4840) which consists of two units:

Unit 1 – Understanding leisure and tourism destinations (exam)

The range of leisure and tourism destinations in the UK and abroad
How people choose which destinations to visit
Visitor attractions and activities
Methods of travel available and why people choose them
The impact of tourism

Unit 2 – the nature of leisure and tourism (controlled assessment)

Why people use leisure and tourism facilities
Different types of leisure and tourism facilities
Change in the UK’s leisure and tourism industry
The leisure and tourism business
The range of employment opportunities in the leisure and tourism industry


Students are assessed for their BTEC by completing a controlled assessment in January of Year 11 then take the two exam papers at the end of Year 11.

Unit 1 – Exam                40% of the total mark
Unit 2 – Controlled Assessment         60% of the total mark

Links with business

Speakers from various business types are invited to talk to students throughout the course.


Various opportunities arise over the two year course; there will be an essential visit at the end of Year 10 to support students’ investigations linked to their controlled assessment question.

Helping your child with homework

For all humanities subjects we would encourage you to support students to read, listen or watch the news regularly.  This helps to increase your child’s awareness of current events and how these might impact on decisions about choosing destinations and travelling for leisure, business or visiting friends and relatives.
Talking to your child about your family’s experiences of leisure and tourism, for example family days out or holidays, will help too.