ICT (Computing)

OCR GCSE Computing

This is a two year course with an externally assessed exam in the summer of the second year.  There are two controlled assessments that total 60% of the overall grade with the exam making up the other 40%. 

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Topic Sample Activities
Fundamentals of computer systems
  • A look at how computer systems work
  • Investigations into reliability and testing of computer systems
  • Learning about the ethical, legal and environmental concerns regarding computer systems
Computing hardware
  • Learning about the central processing unit (CPU) and how it works
  • Understanding binary logic
  • Learning about a variety of input and output devices
  • Investigating different types of software
Representation of data in computer systems
  • Investigating how different types of data; images, sound, text, numbers are represented in computer systems
  • Understand how instructions are interpreted by a computer
  • Investigating the database concept and how to design databases
  • Understanding database management systems (DBMS)
Computer communications and networking
  • A look into networks and their advantages and disadvantages
  • Learning about how networks are structured and how they are used in modern life


This is a two year course culminating in a 1 hour 30 minute exam in the summer of the second year.  The exam represents 40% of the overall grade.  60% of the grade is through a 40 hour controlled assessment that runs all the way through the course and is to be completed by the end of the first term in the second year.

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Sample Activities
My phone
  • Learning about personal digital devices with a focus on mobile phones
  • Investigating the digital divide
Shop and drop
  • A look into online shopping and the advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional shopping
  • Learning about online security risks
My time
  • Investigating the benefits of home networks
  • Learning about multimedia in the home
My space
  • Learning about online services such as social networks and online communities
  • Understanding how to stay safe online
Any time anywhere
  • Discussion work around the possible drawbacks of technology in society
  • Investigating issues relating to the use of ICT
Using digital tools
  • This is a controlled assessment task where students produce a variety of different digital products such as spreadsheets, videos, podcasts, print designs, web sites etc.