Career Guidance

We have the ethos that it is never too early to consider your future, indeed, your options later may well be affected by the decisions you make. The best advice is to gather as much advice and support as you can.

Growth in career sectors- which pathways should we be considering? Let’s examine current Government advice as to which employment sectors are projected to offer the most future growth. Where does your childs best prospects lie?

We access many sources of information through professional networks, internet digital based resources, collaborative partnerships complimented by experienced staff who are passionate about your child’s future.

Parents and Carers often ask ‘How can we help?’ Be a research buddy, explore together the range of learning and training opportunities and navigate through it together.  Come along to parent evenings, parent and student events and be an active Babington Community member. Access the resources on here and become aware of application deadlines; extra- curricular activities; online tools you can use too; who is who and how they can help you child to succeed. Click on the UCAS Progress link and find out more about the online application process your child will use in year 11 to apply for post 16 options. Refer to the year 11 calendar and checklist and encourage your child to keep on track with their application process.

Upcoming Events

At Babington we offer multiple inspirational experiences above and beyond the classroom for our students to develop their character.  We call this Building Character for Learning and Life (BC4L) We recognise and celebrate our students as a whole person and understand becoming more self -aware allows us to grow in confidence. We have a jam packed calendar of opportunities from year 7 – year 11:

Aspiration enrichment to date

  • Year 11 Careers Fair –Tuesday 1st November 2016. We welcomed over 26 providers representing Further Education; Higher Education; Apprenticeships; Volunteering; STEM sectors and Industry interacted with our students to support post 16 choices
  • University trips and visits are delivered throughout the academic year for year 7- Year 11. Recent trips to the University of Leicester have happened for  Year 7, 8 and 9 have taken place during October. Over xxx students have taken part to date
  • Dare to dream months - October 2016 & March 2017- A range of aspirational workshops and speakers for key stage 3 and 4:
    • Adventure on logic island- Thursday 13th October 2016  all 200 Year 7s took part in fun maths puzzle day
  • University of Leicester Wednesday 26th October 2016 – 40 x Year 9s took part in a fast paced Personal branding workshop

Up and coming events

January 2018

  • GCSE Choices Assemblies for Year 8 & 9 students
  • Where can English and Maths take Me for Year 8s
  • Challenge Day for Year 10s delivered by Loughborough University

February 2018

  • Mock Interviews for Year 11s. Leicestershire Cares bring over 20 Employers from a range of sectors who will interview our Year 11 students.  The students will take part in a 10 minute interview with one employer and receive feedback from them
  • Visual CV Workshop for Year 9s delivered by DMU

March 2018

  • National Careers Week and National Apprenticeship Week - Watch our twitter and website for updates regarding our plans for both National Careers Week and Apprenticeship week. These weeks happen during March.

May 2018

  • Problem Solving Workshop for Year 7 students
  • Residential for Year 9 students
  • Life skills Workshop for Year 8 students delivered by DMU

June 2018

  • Goals and Aspirations Workshop for Year 9s
  • Rapid Revision for Year 10s
  • Marginal Gains Workshops for Year 8s  

July 2018

  • Stand Up and Take Over day for Year 10s
  • World of Work Week for Year 10s
  • Work Experience for Year 10s
  • Your Career Development journey- Student Learning

Entitlement statement

As a school we have a statutory and moral duty to provide students in Year 8 – Year 11 with information, advice and guidance. This is extended at Babington Academy to include Year 7.

Guidance takes place within the curriculum and one to one interviews with a qualified Careers Practitioner. Please liaise with Samantha White regarding your child’s interview. Parents and Carers are always welcome in school. Please contact Samantha on 0116 2221616 ext 123 if you any questions and would like to book an appointment and  meet face to face.

As a student you are entitled to:

  • Clear advice and information about ALL the options available so that you understand what they involve and the entry requirements
  • Support and guidance to help you make choices and complete a career plan identifying what your next steps are and the actions you need to take to achieve progression
  • Regular personalised support to help you manage change effectively when you leave Babington and enter post 16 learning
  • Help in making decisions about what course (s) will be best fit for you when you leave Babington and where it can take you in the future
  • A programme of careers education helping you to develop skills, knowledge and character, how this influences your choices and transition to work and continued learning
  • The opportunity to be involved in making decisions about the things that effect your learning and future
  • An opportunity to contribute to your individual action plan with progressive targets
  • An opportunity to learn about the world of work with direct access to employers and sectors to challenge your any myths or perceptions you may have
  • Access to current and relevant labour market information (LMI) that tells you what is hot and what’s not in the world of work
  • Aspirational opportunities outside of normal class lessons through inspirational workshops, speakers
  • Opportunities to develop their character through the Building Character for Learning ( BC4L) principles in lesson and within the school community

A snapshot of Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

What - Students how opportunities to discover WIIFM (What’s in it for me)

Key Stage 3

What does career mean?

What will I learn in Careers education?

What am I like?

Why do people work?

How do people investigate the world of work and its opportunities?

How do I make the best use of careers information?

What is involved in making decisions at 13+ ?

What is the world of work like?

Key Stage 4

How am I changing?

How can work experience help me?

What are my strengths, qualities, skills and achievements?

What is involved in managing decisions and transitions post 16?

What opportunities post 16 are there?

How do I make effective applications?

What is LMI and what does it mean to me?

How do people deal with problems at work?

How do I cope with change?

What do I do if things don’t go to plan?

Post – 16

How do I improve my ‘career capital’?

How are careers changing and what does that mean for me?

How do I manage my ‘career’ effectively so I progress?

What is involved in choosing FE, Apprenticeships, HE?

How do I build my brand and network?

What volunteering opportunities are there and why should I bother?

How do I keep motivated?

How - Practical application, how do we deliver an exciting Careers development  programme here at Babington
Year Group Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) enhancement
Year 7
  • Introduction to digital resources such as U-Explore, what is a skill, a quality, an achievement
  • Group sessions to introduce who is their career advisor and build their toolkit for success
  • Bespoke self-esteem group programmes targeted at identified students to build self- efficacy 
  • Develop career skills with action planning and recording achievements
  • Develop How, Now ,WOW reflective thinking to record what is going well and why and what they would like to improve and why
  • Aspiration opportunities through self awareness workshops and access to inspirational speakers
  • STEM Mentoring
  • WAGALL (What Does a Good Attitude Look Like) conferences
Year 8
  • Parent info sessions- meet the Careers Advisor
  • Mentoring programme in school  ( peer and professional)
  • Sector skill workshops to explore the main occupational groups
  • PSHE lesson delivery support 
  • Personal branding developing WOW factor
  • What’s in it for me (WIIFM) sessions
  • WAGALL- What does a good attitude look like  group sessions
  • Living library network event with professionals from a variety of sectors
  • Options what are they and what do they mean to me?
  • 1:1 sessions with the Careers Advisor with a personalised action plan
  • Bespoke self-esteem group programmes targeted at identified students to build self- efficacy 
  • Apply How, Now ,WOW reflective thinking to record what is going well and why and what they would like to improve and why
  • University tasters
Year 9
  • 1:1 sessions with a Careers Advisor with a personalised action plan
  • Investigate job profiles , entry route ways using on line career tools
  • Enhance careers skills; identify your support network, requesting help, negotiations, decision making, questioning and research  skills
  • How to make effective decisions
  • STEM club
  • Living Library event with how to make powerful first impressions using questioning techniques
  • Describe and discuss  How, Now ,WOW reflective thinking with peers to record what is going well and why and what they would like to improve and why
  • University tasters
Year 10
  • 1:1 session with a Careers Advisor with target setting and action review
  • How to cope with transition
  • Work Experience assembly and preparation
  • UCAS Progress introductions, search and favourite
  • Meet the Experts, Living Library seminar  events specific to student preference
  • How to make effective post 16 choices using a combination of ideas to plan and develop a career footprint
  • Personal statement mind mapping
  • Portfolio creation, where students record learning, achievements and development a focal point for CED  thinking
  • Bespoke Skills Show using local providers in school
  • Analyse How, Now ,WOW reflective thinking to discuss with peers what is going well and why and what they would like to improve and why
  • Stand Up and Take Over Day
Year 11
  • 45 min 1:1 with a Careers Advisor to explore current presenting need, progress in school, post 16 choices, readiness for transition, decision making coping skills. with target setting and action review
  • UCAS Progress training
  • UCAS Progress Surgeries after-school
  • Buddy Up a mentor programme where Year 11 students support  KS 3 students
  • Year 11 Options fair
  • Mock Interviews with Employers
  • Practise self presentation skills e.g CV, Mock interviews, covering letters
  • Apprenticeship Club
  • CV workshop session
  • Interview Skills workshops
  • Investigate labour marker information using a range of mediums and methods
  • Access volunteer opportunities  
  • Stand up and take over enrichment event in school where students apply for school roles and work shadow employees in school the Principal , Premises, catering etc
  • Evaluate How, Now ,WOW reflective thinking to record what is going well and why and what they would like to improve and why

Work experience who, how and why

Work Experience is offered to a select group of Year 10 students. Students take part in a realistic recruitment and selection process involving an interview for potential candidates.  We work with the Leicestershire Education Business Company insert website who match placements to student preference.