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At Babington we wish to make the examination experience as stress-free as possible so that our pupils can attain their full potential. We have created this page to enable both parents and students to familiarise themselves with examination procedures and regulations.

It is essential that students are aware of when they have been entered for examinations and our students will receive a paper timetable listing all examinations they have been entered for in each examination series with dates and times.

It is important that students retain this information for reference.


Examination boards and links

AQA The Assessment and Qualifications Alliance



Edexcel The Edexcel Examination boards



OCR The Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations



WJEC The Welsh Joint Education Committee



Revision Guide


Controlled Assessments


Controlled Assessments Policy


Exam Timetables

Date Time Duration Exam board Exam
Mon 15th May 08:30 01:45 WJEC Religion & Life Issues
Tues 16th May 08:30 01:25 EDEXCEL French Listening and Reading
Tues 16th May 13:00 01:00 AQA Biology Unit 1
Weds 17th May 08:30 01:30 EDEXCEL Living in a Digital World
Weds 17th May 08:30 01:00 EDEXCEL Human Lifespan Developement
Thurs 18th May 08:30 01:00 AQA Chemistry Unit 1
Thurs 18th May 13:00 01:35 AQA Urdu Listening & Reading
Thurs 18th May 08:30 01:25 EDEXCEL Spanish Listening & Reading
Fri 19th May 13:00 01:00 OCR Gujarati/Portuguese/Turkish Writing
Fri 19th May 13:00 01:30 EDEXCEL The Theory Of Physical Education
Mon 22nd May 08:30 01:45 AQA English Literature  Paper 1
Mon 22nd May     08.30 02:00 WJEC English Literature - Shakespeare
Mon 22nd May     13:00 01:30 AQA Geography A Unit 1
Tues 23rd May 08:30 02:00 WJEC Product Design Unit 1
Weds 24th May 08:30 00:50 OCR Gujarati/Portuguese/Turkish Listening
Weds 24th May 13:00 01:00 AQA Physics Unit 1
Thurs 25th May 08:30 01:30 AQA Mathematics  Paper 1
Fri 26th May 08:30 02:15 AQA English Literature Paper 2
Fri 26th May 08:30 02:30 WJEC English Literature -  Prose & Poetry
Mon 5th June 08:30 01:15 EDEXCEL History Unit 1 - International Relations
Tues 6th June 08:30 01:45 AQA English Language Paper 1
Tues 6th June 08:30 01:45 WJEC English Language - 20th Century Literature
Tues 6th June 13:00 01:30 AQA Geography A Unit 2
Weds 7th June 08:30 01:30 OCR Computer Systems & Programming
Weds 7th June 08:30 01:25 EDEXCEL German Listening & Reading
Weds 7th June 13:00 01:45 WJEC Religion & Human Experience
Thurs 8th June 08:30 01:30 AQA Mathematics Paper 2
Fri 9th June 08:30 02:00 AQA Biology Unit 2 
Fri 9th June 08:30 01:00 AQA Further Additional Science Unit 1
Fri 9th June 13:00 01:00 OCR Gujarati/Portuguese/Turkish Reading
Fri 9th June 13:00 01:30 OCR Music: Listening Test
Mon 12th June 08:30 01:45 AQA English Language Paper 2
Mon 12th June 08:30 02:00 WJEC English Language - Nonfiction
Mon 12th June 13:00 01:40 EDEXCEL Russian Listening & Reading
Tues 13th June 08:30 01:30 AQA Mathematics Paper 3
Tues 13th June 08:30 01:00 AQA Additional Applied Science Unit 1
Weds 14th June 08:30 01:00 AQA Chemistry Unit 2 
Weds 14th June 08:30 01:00 AQA Further Additional Science Unit 2
Weds 14th June 13:00 01:15 EDEXCEL History Unit 2b - Russia 1914-1939
Thurs 15th June 13:00 00:50 AQA Polish Listening
Thurs 15th June 08:30 01:00 AQA Further Additional Science Unit 3
Fri 16th June 08:30 01:00 AQA Physics Unit 2 
Fri 16th June 13:00 01:35 AQA Italian Listening & Reading
Fri 16th June 13:00 01:15 WJEC Hospitality & Catering Unit 4
Mon 19th June 13:00 01:30 WJEC Film Studies Paper 1
Tues 20th June 08:30 01:15 EDEXCEL History Unit 3b - British Society
Tues 20th June 08:30 02:00 AQA Polish Reading & Writing
Thurs 22nd June 13:00 01:00 WJEC Film Studies Paper 2



  • Students should arrive at the exam room at least 10 minutes before the exam start time.
  • Students must wear school uniform for all exams.
  • Please check the seating plan for your seat before you enter the examination room. This will be on display outside the room.
  • Mobile phones and any other electronic equipment must be switched off and handed to the Invigilators when the student enters the Exam Room. (Please refer to the examinations rules and regulations)
  • If a student is ill on the day of the exam please inform the academy as soon as possible. Tel: 0116 222 1616


Examinations preparation

Unwell on exam day


Examination Rules and Regulations


Notices detailing the Examination rules and regulations are displayed outside the Examination rooms.

Warning to Candidates

No mobile phones

Appeals Procedure


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