Ofsted Outstanding

Student WiFi

We are very lucky to have wi-fi available for students on their own devices now. It is password protected and the password is available from teachers.

The wi-fi has the same filtering system as all other internet access at the college.

We think that you will all recognise that this is a very useful privilege to have and that students will use it sensibly and within the normal rules of mobile use. In other words, we are relying on students to manage the use of wi-fi without any problems.

Students must NOT give out the password to anyone other than another student at Babington or a member of staff at school.



Below are the mobile phone/small device rules:

  • Mobile phones only out in lessons if the teacher wants you to use them in your learning
  • As soon as the bell goes for the end of break or lunchtime, mobile phones and earpieces/wires to be put away or they will be taken off you
  • No-one is allowed to make a phone call using a mobile device at any time or anywhere in the school building
  • If you are listening to music, you must use headphones
  • Only look at internet content that is age appropriate

If students do decide to bring in a phone or a small tablet, these items are brought in at your own risk and if any damage happens to the items or you lose them at school, the school is not responsible for this. If students bring in any devices other than mobile phones, we will need a letter from parents confirming that it is all right for you to bring the device in.

The wi-fi will be available from just before school starts, until about an hour after school finishes.

As with all the privileges that are on offer to students, it is up to the young people to be responsible and sensible. The wi-fi will be unavailable for all students if anyone does anything that causes us concern.


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