Intent of Curriculum

In PE it is our intent that our curriculum will enable our learners to become responsible effective citizens by building the core skills and values of sport - resilience, leadership, self-confidence, empathy, respect, conflict resolution and compromise through the explicit promotion of sporting etiquette.

We will make a profound positive impact to the outcomes of every child through encouraging students to participate in sport and physical activity leading into participation and enjoyment in their lives beyond school.  Opportunities will be provided for students to compete at school level and at MAT, SSP, regional and national levels, which will foster their ambition to take part in clubs outside of school and in doing so transform life chances in a way which will support positive outcomes for our communities, our city and the world beyond.

Our curriculum promotes a healthy active lifestyle focussing on enjoyment, a love of sport or physical activity which in turn will lead to the promotion of mental, social, physical and emotional well-being and the benefits of sport to the whole person.

Implementation of Curriculum

In PE the curriculum is the progression model achieved through various learning pathways. We implement this through the delivery of a high quality of education which incorporates and offers a wide variety of sports/activities, allowing students to discover areas of individual passion which leads to lifelong participation and therefore a healthy active lifestyle. We draw on the expertise of a range of staff members to design a thorough and well-rounded structure and narrative, across a variety of topics leading to comprehensive subject delivery. Incorporated within are strong links between theoretical knowledge and practical performance. Students are then able to apply this knowledge in exam subjects such as GCSE PE, BTEC PE and other subjects across the academy. Within the curriculum there are links and opportunities to develop students’ RESILIENCE and sporting values e.g. respect, team work and sportsmanship.

Although there is a need for a wide range of activities, at KS3 there also needs to be focus on exam content to give ALL students the opportunity to study examination PE, allowing them to further their understanding and in doing so preparing them to excel within the subject leading to individual high attainment. As students’ progress to KS4 the emphasis is on healthy active lifestyles rather than examination PE (with the exception of those students who study examination PE), allowing them to foster a love for sport and physical activity through a pathway style option system that best fits their interest and needs.

Impact of Curriculum

By the end of Key Stage 3 students will have the developed a core set of skills in a wide range of sports that have a primary focus on moving forward into examination PE.  Through acquiring and demonstrating the understanding of the examination sports and the key principles of the anatomy and physiology aspects of the courses, students will have the knowledge to enter into examination PE and sport leading to high individual attainment.   

Students moving beyond Key Stage 4 at the end of year 11 will have experienced a curriculum that is rich in variety and that underpins the fundamental characteristics of a healthy active lifestyle.  Students will have developed their skills, understanding and knowledge of the sports and activities in their chosen pathway.  This will enable them to make healthy lifestyle choices. Students at KS4 will understand that participating in sport can benefit themselves in many ways, primarily mentally, socially and physically. The knowledge here will vary from pathway to pathway, where students will be given guidance towards external providers of those activities/ sports and club links for them to participate in their chosen sport/ physical activity.

Students will have learned the core skills of sportsmanship and will understand the impact that this has on participation in sport from being an umpire or referee, to playing fairly and being respectful and understanding that all performers do so at a different levels. 


Sports Hall - 4 Badminton Courts: used for badminton, basketball, handball, volleyball, sports hall athletics, netball and many fixtures.
Badminton Hall - 4 Badminton Courts: used for badminton and fitness.
Gym -
Outside Courts – 2 basketball courts
Field - rugby, football, rounders, cricket, athletics

Topics Studied in Years 7 and 8 – KS3

At Babington we believe that it is important to deliver a curriculum that is broad and balanced which offers opportunities for new skill development. It builds on KS2 learning and competition, covering games, dance and outdoor and adventurous activities.

Invasion games: Football, Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Handball
Net and wall games: Badminton, Volleyball
Striking and Fielding games: Rounders, Softball, Cricket
Target games: Tri golf, new age curling, archery
Gymnastics: Formal Gymnastics, Trampolining
Fitness activities we teach: Yoga, Aerobics, boxercise,
Athletics activities: Sprints, middle distance, long distance, throws (Javelin, shot, discus), Jumps (Long and Triple)
Dance: creative and expressive dance, Zumba
Outdoor and adventurous activities
Miscellaneous; Roller Skating, Boxing
GCSE terminology – we pride ourselves on extending students literacy through the teaching of technical terminology required at GCSE level in all core PE lessons. 
Take over days – to engage students further we plan and deliver a range of ‘take over days’ which offer our students opportunities to try a new sport. These include zorbing, African dance, taekwondo, yoga and Bollywood workshops.

Examinations Offered and Topics Studied in years 9, 10 and 11  KS4

All year 9, 10 and 11 students follow a core PE programme which now includes more competition and theoretical content which teaches the key terms associated with PE. They can also opt to take the new GCSE PE course with the OCR exam board. This course is 60% theory and 30% practical where the students will receive practical scores in 3 different sports. One must be an individual sport, one a team sport and the final one from either list in the specification. The final 10% is awarded for an analysis of performance project. 

OCR GCSE PE Specification

We also offer the AQA Technical Award in Sport where students learn leadership skills and about the sports industry.  

Topics Studied in years 9, 10 and 11 – KS4
Invasion games: Football, Rugby, Netball, Basketball, 
Net games: Badminton, Volleyball
Striking and Fielding games: Rounders, Softball, Cricket
Target games: Tri golf, new age curling, archery
Gymnastics: Formal Gymnastics, Trampolining
Fitness activities: Yoga, Aerobics, boxercise,
Athletics activities: Sprints, middle distance, long distance, throws (Javelin, shot, discus), Jumps (High, Long, Triple)
Outdoor and adventurous activities
Miscellaneous: Roller Skating, Boxing, Dance
Leadership and feedback through the use of iPad technology
To extend and enrich the curriculum we offer a variety of activities through the ‘Loving Learning something new programme.  Students can select from fencing, archery, kayaking, swimming, Zumba, badminton, circus skills, dance and roller disco

Trips, Visits and Residential Opportunities

Rewards trips to watch sporting events or take part in physical activities. – elite performance and performance pathways
 Opportunity for examination students to visit a National Centre of excellence.
Huge number of opportunities to represent school teams in league, cup and one off tournaments at local and national level.
Leadership opportunities allowing students to deliver sessions in our feeder primary schools

Performance Pathways

To enable our students to compete in sports outside of school we offer a range of programmes that they can participate in after school at Babington and then the link with the club gives them the opportunity to join a performance pathway.  We run Premier kicks football with LCFC and also a Badminton programme also with LCFC.  With DeMontfort University we offer a dance programme called ‘moving together’.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

We believe that the PE Faculty plays a major role in the provision of activities outside School hours.  All students are encouraged to attend and some clubs run before school from 7.30 whilst others run after school. We also compete against other schools in a wide range of sports.

Extreme fitness
Girls cricket
Girls kickboxing
Disability sport
Girls Can
Pool Club

Helping Your Child with Homework

Encourage pupils to attend extracurricular activities.
Ask pupils to show you their IT feedback for their practical performance.
Ask examination pupils to show Unit Review sheets to show progress and work that needs to be submitted.
Encourage students to show you the ShowMyHomework website and complete homework which has been set.

Here are some websites that may help with your child’s homework.

BBC GCSE bitesize has lots of useful revision and self-testing pages for GCSE students

The BBC sport website helps students learn about current sporting issues

s-cool provides revision questions and guidance for GCSE PE