Free School Meals (FSM) Vouchers Update

Under normal circumstances, schools are not expected to provide free school meals to eligible children who are not attending due to illness or if the school is closed. However, during these exceptional circumstances schools will continue to provide support whilst our schools are open for certain groups or are closed temporarily.

The Government have advised that they are currently developing a national approach to providing support through supermarket and shop food vouchers and will provide further details shortly.

Until we have further information on this national approach we will be providing supermarket vouchers for Tesco, the amount will be £2.50 per pupil per day.

Given the high demand for vouchers from schools across the country it has unfortunately taken some time to purchase them however we are pleased to inform you that vouchers were posted out to families that are eligible for them today (27th March). The aim of the vouchers is to provide financial assistance in ensuring children have an alternative meal to that which would normally have been provided by the school.