All students now working from home can access home learning through this area of our website.

Please read the information below to find out more about our remote learning offer.

In the event of further disruption to learning, Learning without Limits Academy Trust and Babington Academy are committed to continuing to deliver high quality education to our learners. Through the use of a variety of resources we will deliver a curriculum that is aligned with the Academy’s long term curriculum aims and will support progress through subjects during times when our learners are not able to be on site. Our blended approach will utilise the most up to date technology available to us, whilst at the same time providing work through more traditional means for those students with limited or no access to IT in their homes. This blended approach will ensure access to resources and limit the potential negative impact of further disruption.

In line with the DfE guidance: Planning for remote education, Babington Academy has prepared a document detailing what the academy is offering.

Blended (online) Learning overview

The rest of this page contains resources used at Babington Academy, split up into subject groups. Please explore though each department to see what is on offer.

Please read the website regularly for the most up-to-date information.

Thank you for your support.

Personalised Learning at Babington

Personalised learning is part of Babington’s unique curriculum offer. For one hour each week, students are given the opportunity to develop their independent learning skills and enhance their knowledge and skills in a curriculum area of their choice. All students have access to our ‘Personalised Learning SharePoint’, which contains an array of resources from across the curriculum. We strongly encourage students to access these resources at home to enhance their learning using the link below.

Personalised Learning Share Point

Personalised Learning at Babington - Guide


Careers Home Learning Activities

Student Emails Office 365 GO 4 SCHOOLS Accelerated Reader SharePoint
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General Resources

Book Catalogue BBC Bitesize KS3 BBC Bitesize KS4
Book Catalogue Science BBC Bitesize KS3 Science BBC Bitesize KS4
Seneca Learning BBC Learning Future Learn
Seneca BBC Learning FutureLearn
The Crash Course Khan Academy Kerboodle
TheCrashCourse KhanAcademy Kerboodle
Protopage GCSE POD

BBC Bitesize
GCSE Subjects


GCSE POD logo BBC Bitesize


BBC Bitesize Maths KS4 HegartyMaths Pixl Maths Maths Watch

BBC Bitesize

Hegarty Maths (2)

Pixl Maths




BBC Bitesize - GCSE English Language Accelerated Reader Pixl English
BBC Bitesize

Accelerated Reader logo


Mr Bruff on YouTube BBC Bitesize - GCSE English Literature Spark Notes

You Tube

BBC Bitesize




Kerboodle AQA Science Crest Awards Big History Project


Aqa web master logo



BBC Bitesize Science GCSE Free Science Lessons

STEM Science

BBC Bitesize Free Science Lessons RevisionScience STEM LEARNING


More Subjects...


Think You Know
Age 11-13

Think You Know
Age 14+
Think you know

Think you know

Anti-bullying Alliance

BBC Bitesize
KS3 PSHE & Citezenship

Anti Bullying Alliance

BBC Bitesize


PE & Performing Arts

Google Classroom

BBC Bitesize
GCSE Drama

Google Classroom BBC Bitesize
BBC Scripts

Time Out
Best Plays Of All Time

BBC Writers Room

Time Out


Vocational Studies

Google Classroom
(Vocational Studies)

Google Classroom


SEN Support

Dyslexia Gold


Dyslexia Gold



Business Studies

BBC Bitesize
GCSE Business


BBC Bitesize


Bizconsesh Theme 1 Videos

Bizconsesh Theme 2 Videos

You Tube

You Tube


Art, Design & Technology


Product Design
Protopage Protopage

BBC Bitesize
GCSE Design & Technology

Food Preparation

BBC Bitesize



Modern Foreign Languages


This is Language Pearson Active Learn  
This is Language Active Learn  
Duolingo Linguascope Languages Online



French Games Spanish Games German Games
FrenchGames Spanish Games GermanyGames




World Geography Games BBC Bitesize Geography BBC Bitesize
GCSE Religeous Education
Historical Association
World Geography Games

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize

Historical Logo

Education Quizzes
(KS3 History)

BBC Bitesize
(KS3 History)
KS3 History Games BBC Bitesize
(KS4 History)
Education Quizzes BBC Bitesize KS3 History Games KS4History
BBC Bitesize Citizenship
Democracy and Justice
BBC Bitesize Citizenship
Identity and Diversity
BBC Bitesize Citizenship
Rights and Responsibilities
The Justice System

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize Judiciary


Computer Science


Scratch Online Blockly Coding iDEA Award OneNote




Onenote logo e1524062313546

Hour of Code Smart Revise (KS4) Craig n Dave Code Club
Hour of code Smart Revise You Tube CodeClubPNG
The Computing Cafe Typing Club Code Academy
The Computing Cafe CODE.ORG TypingClub CodeAcademy


TT Rockstars

Sumdog Numbots

TT Rock stars logo

Sumdog logo Numbots logo

Prodigy Game

Top Marks Rapid Plus

Prodigy logo

Top Marks logo Active Learn

Dyslexia Gold

Accelerated Reader  

Dyslexia Gold

Accelerated Reader logo