More Able, Gifted and Talented

At Babington Academy we endeavour to provide opportunities for all pupils to achieve their potential. We believe that supporting the needs of our most able is a factor in raising achievement for all pupils.

We acknowledge that some children may have talent in one area of the curriculum (gifted and talented) rather than all round ability (most able). Also, that some pupils have an ability which is so exceptional compared with their peer group that they may need special consideration in order to meet their needs. We believe that identification and provision are integral to reveal, display and extend their abilities. Identification, assessment and monitoring are ongoing processes at Babington Academy.

Our teaching and learning policy is founded upon the principles of quality-first teaching, grounded in high expectations, challenging lesson content and collaborative learning. All students at Babington have an enriching experience within the classroom.

The Academy of Excellence is our extra-curricular provision for able, gifted and talented pupils. This can include after-school activities as well as university visits. The Academy of Excellence not only provides opportunities but also furnishes students with life skills and knowledge for their time after school.

We believe that the needs of all children are served when the school works in an open, responsive and realistic partnership with parents and carers.

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