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At Babington we work hard to support all of our students to reach/exceed our attendance target of 96%+.  It is very clear that Babington students who attend well (96%+) achieve better outcomes.  In 2019, students with attendance of 96%+ made significantly better progress and attained significantly better grades than those students who had lower attendance.

We want all students to thrive at Babington.  Our curriculum ensures that students learn a broad selection of subjects in depth in order to allow them to open doors and grasp hold of their hopes and dreams for the future. We want this for every student, good attendance is fundamental in supporting students to achieve this.

Students who have good attendance will:

  • do better in lessons
  • find it easier to make progress
  • receive rewards for good attendance
  • feel happier about school

If your child is absent regularly they may:

  • find work harder
  • not feel part of the class 
  • find it hard to make friends
  • not make the most of the opportunities provided by the college

We understand that when we work in partnership with parents and students we get the best results therefore if you would like additional support please contact our attendance team.

Please consider the following regarding attendance and punctuality:

Two weeks of absence in a school year = 94.74% attendance

  • Even at this level, your outcomes are going to be impacted negatively

1 day of absence per fortnight = 90% attendance

  • If you did this every 2 weeks for 5 years, you would miss ½ year of of school

1 day of absence per week = 80% attendance

  • If you did this every week for 5 years of school this is equal to 1 whole year’s education missed over the course of your time at Babington.

10 minutes late each day = 1 hour every 6 days, therefore after 6 weeks, this would equal one whole day of school.  Over the course of a year, this would be like missing 1 whole week of school.

The attendance team:

Our attendance team works closely with your Head of House and your form tutor to support students in their houses to attend as regularly as possible.  We understand that from time to time there may be matters which provide challenges and barriers to regular attendance but we can always help.

We work in a joined up way to support and encourage attendance and as our dedicated house teams, we will often be your first port of call should you need to discuss matters related to attendance or welfare.

Who’s who?

Abbey House


Head of House

Attendance Officer

Mr G. Scottorn

Kelly Gibson

Bradgate House


Head of House

Attendance Officer
Mr Y. Ali

Angie Ward

Knighton House


Head of House

Attendance Officer
Mr A. Wells

Adrene Henley

Spinney House


Head of House

Attendance Officer
Mrs B. Eynon

Angie Ward

Victoria House


Head of House

Attendance Officer
Mrs V. Barkshire

Adrene Henley

Western House


Head of House

Attendance Officer
Mrs F. Abdi

Kelly Gibson

Senior Leader responsible for attendance: Mr Dowsing.  Please contact Mr Dowsing, should there be any major challenges requiring attendance support.

Attendance Interventions

In order to support attendance and welfare, the school use a range of interventions.  One such intervention that we have started to use across the Multi Academy Trust is Service 6.  Please click the link below to a short video telling you about this intervention.