Intent of Curriculum

At Babington our intent is for the curriculum to ensure that all our learners’ need are met so that they can grow, aim high and thrive in their ambitions. The curriculum will enable our learners to be confident members of the world, whose voices are heard and who are prepared and able to tackle the barriers that may limit them in fulfilling their ambitions.  The curriculum we create and implement is one which is inspiring, supportive and inclusive.  Our curriculum builds resilient learners with the knowledge, understanding and skills to be responsible and effective citizens, and in doing so transform life chances in a way which supports positive outcomes for our communities, our city and the world beyond. It is responsive to our diverse and evolving context. High aspiration is at the heart of our vision to ensure that we make a profound, positive difference to every child. Progressive curriculum pathways ensure a learning journey which takes students from their unique starting points to a platform from which they can succeed post 16.

Implementation of Curriculum

At Babington the curriculum is the progression model achieved through various learning pathways. We implement this through the delivery of a high quality of education which places learning not terminal exams at the forefront of planning. Curriculum teams jointly plan highly ambitious and aspirational subject specific responses to the academy statement of intent by designing schemes of learning that build students’ knowledge, understanding and skills progressively. Each scheme of learning is prefaced by its own intent, implementation and impact rationale, underpinned by a deep understanding of the academy’s context. In the schemes of learning assessment is a meaningful vehicle for learning, of learning and as learning to ensure we make a profound positive difference to all students. Various quality assurance activities are undertaken to rigorously ensure that the implementation of the curriculum has maximum impact.

Impact of Curriculum

At Babington the curriculum will make a profound, positive impact to the outcomes of every child. We will know that this is true as we are delivering a high standard of education, quality assured through qualitative and quantitate measures such as:

  • Attainment and Achievement outcomes
  • Observing lessons and scrutinising planning
  • Standards of learning in books
  • Student voice
  • Destination data
  • Attendance data
  • Behaviour data

Below are links to the different curriculum areas which are split into key faculty areas.


English, Media & Communications

Maths, Computing & ICT

Science, Design Technology & Art


PE & Performing Arts


Loving Learning Something New

SMSC & Personal Studies

Extra Curricular


To find out more information regarding the curriculum at Babington, please contact:

Fiona Addison - Vice Principal

Tel: 0116 2221616