Ethos & Values

We will make a profound positive difference to everyone who comes through the school gates.

This Academy Pledge which we expect all students to ascribe is read in assembly each morning.

The Babington Pledge


I will always to the best of my ability treat Babington with respect during my years here.

I believe that all staff and students should treat each other with respect and I will lead by example.

I will try my best to take advantage of the opportunities offered to me here.

I will cherish those who help me to achieve my goals.

I understand that bullying and unkind words are not tolerated in our Academy and I will not treat anyone differently because of their religion or culture.

I will value everyone for who they are.

I will respect the right of everyone to worship their God and I will embrace the cultural diversity of the Academy.

I understand that my Academy is judged by my actions and I will always try to give a good impression of the place where I learn.


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