KS3 Topics

Year 7

Geography skills

Geography of Leicester  

Tourism: Fantastic and impossible places

Africa: the misrepresented continent

Geography of Britain


Year 8

Restless Earth

Weather and climate  

Population and urbanisation

International development/resource reliance and sustainability

Geography of sport


Year 9

Geography of conflict

Natural Hazards (GCSE)

Living World (GCSE)


GCSE year 10 - 11

AQA course

The examination offered in KS4 is the AQA Geography GCSE in which students study the following:

Living with the Physical Environment

Challenges in the Human Environment

Geographical Applications

  1. Natural Hazards  (volcanoes/ earthquakes/extreme weather/global warming)
  2. The Living World (tropical rainforests/hot deserts)
  3. Physical Landscapes of the UK (coastal and river environments)
  1. Urban Challenges (global patterns and sustainable urban futures)
  2. The Changing Economic World (closing the development gap and differences in economic development)
  3. The Challenge of Resource Management (challenge of resources in the UK and globally with regards to either food or energy)
  1. Issue Evaluation (this is using pre-release material from the exam board)
  2. Fieldwork (to look at two contrasting geographical environments)


Students will participate in two contrasting fieldwork visits. Firstly students visit Sheringham Beach to look at the impacts of longshore drift and how it is managed. Secondly, students visit Leicester City Centre to see how regeneration has had social and environmental impacts.

Helping Your Child With Homework

One way of helping students at home, for all subjects in Humanities, would be for parents to encourage their children to read, listen to or watch the daily news.