Health and Social Care

Technical Award in Health and Social Care - EDEXCEL

There is one examination: This is related to healthy living

Human lifespan development: The unit looks at the growth and development of individuals through three life stages of their choice. Students then go onto explain how one
The coursework unit’s cover:
Health and Social care values: This unit focuses on how individuals expect to be treated and the rights they have.

Health and social care services: health care provision, social care provision and children’s services, it also explores the potential barriers to accessing health and social care provision.

Special provision

Exploring the health and social care

The course focuses on the following topics:

Introduction to the caring sectors: the unit looks at the different life stages and the factors that can influence growth and development.
Communication with Adults and children in health and social care: looks at the different types of communication and the methods that can be applied to communicate with individuals in all of the life stages.
Learning experiences for young children: To explore the different ways of engaging children in the learning process.
Keeping children safe: Explore physical safety and the methods that can be used to overcome the hazards. Along with looking at and exploring emotional safety.
Career progression: To explore the world of work and the stages an individual has to go through to attain their desired career.