Religious Education

KS3 Year 7

  • Philosophy and Ethics 1 – Philosophy for Children.
  • Religion in Leicester
  • Christian Beliefs 1 – The story of the Bible in 9 lessons and how it is interpreted
  • Religion and Life 1 – investigating religious, scientific and historical truth
  • Christian Beliefs 2 – Who is or was Jesus from a variety of perspectives?
  • Human Rights 1 – investigating responses to poverty and wealth
  • The history of religion in England; from its pagan routes through to multicultural Britain.


KS3 Year 8

  • Philosophy and Ethics 2 – from Plato to Marx; examining truth and the existence of God
  • Peace and Conflict 1 – examining different ideologies about war and how to conduct war
  • Human Rights 2 – the Human Rights Act, social justice and key people who have challenged injustice
  • Religious Practices 1 – how and why do a variety of religions worship, celebrate festivals and go on pilgrimage
  • Religion and Life 2 – the afterlife and how do we remember
  • Religion and Life 3 – the value of the world and the environment


KS3 Year 9

  • Philosophy and Ethics 3 – ethical theories and applications
  • Religion and Life 4 – issues relating to the beginning and ending of life
  • Religion and Family 1 – Relationships, marriage, family planning, families
  • Human Rights 3 – Gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity, disability
  • Peace and conflict 2 – Suffering, forgiveness, reconcilliation


KS4 Year 10 and Year 11

All students have the opportunity to take the AQA Full Course Religious Studies GCSE. Assessment for this is un-tiered, i.e. all units cater for the full range of ability and allow access to grades 1-9. 

The course is examined at the end of Year 11. There will be two exams.

The first exam is Component 1 which is studied in the summer term of Y10 and in Y11. It examines learning about the beliefs and practices of two religions.

Everybody studies Christian beliefs and practices.

Everybody chooses to study either Muslim beliefs and practices or Hindu beliefs and practices for the second religion.


The second exam is Component 2 which is studied during Year 10. It is studied from Christian and non-religious British beliefs and worldviews.

Theme A: Relationships and Families
Theme B: Religion and Life 
Theme D: Religion, Peace and Conflict 
Theme F: Religion, Human Rights and Social Justice


How can parents and carers support students in RE

  • Discuss current affairs. Encourage your child to ask questions and to give reasoned answers.
  • Encourage students to make use of their PLCs (Personalised Learning Checklists). There will be one for each topic.
  • Check homework tasks; discuss them. Tasks will be written in planners and some will be on Showmyhomework.
  • Encourage students to make good use of specific on-line revision and support resources. For GCSE these include:
    • digital textbook and assessment practice The user name and password tends to be their first initial and surname for user name and password. Our institution code is hy5.
    • GCSE (usual school log in) audio and visual revision resources
    • (students need to make a free account). This is excellent for making revision resources.