Think for the Future (TFTF)

Posted on: 15/12/2020

From January, selected students will be chosen to participate in the TFTF(Think for the Future) Behaviour & Resilience Mentoring Programme. TFTF run this programme in over 70 schools across the Midlands and partner with national organisations to ensure the programme and curriculum have a big impact on the students that they work with. At Babington Academy we will have a TFTF Mentor for 2 days per week and they will be working with groups of students at the school on a weekly basis, delivering fun and interactive sessions that equip students with the mindset and life skills to make the most of school and see the potential that they have. The sessions are all based on real life scenarios and examples, and the TFTF Mentor’s are positive role models who use their own experiences to build strong relationships with students and work with them to improve their attendance, school engagement and help them succeed.

TFTF Behaviour Mentoring Parent Letter