Dates for immunisations 2021/22

Posted on: 06/09/2021

Dates for immunisations 2021/22

(The dates for the Covid-19 vaccinations are provisional as the Government have not decided if school students should be offered the vaccination yet)

Date Immunisation/vaccination Year group/s

Tues 16th November

Covid-19 (1st dose) 10/11

Thurs 18th November

Covid-19 (1st dose) 8/9

Mon 29th November

Seasonal Flu 7/8

Tues 30th November

Seasonal Flu 9/10/11

Weds 19th January

Teen Booster/Meningitis 9

Thurs 3rd  February

Covid-19 (2nd dose)  Provisional 10/11

Fri 4th February

Covid-19 (2nd dose)  Provisional 8/9

Weds 5th May

HPV ( 2nd dose) 8/9

If you wish your child to have the immunisations please complete the on-line consent form at

The code for our school is: LE143247


For more information about Immunisation and other health concerns

You can visit the Health for Teens website.