Parents / Carers invited to take part in a career vision session

Posted on: 15/03/2022

We need your help.

We want to improve our Careers Support in school for your child; there are two asks:

  1. Complete a careers survey: Can you spare a few minutes to fill in the Careers Survey, this will help us improve how we support your child in school to get prepared for further learning and work once they leave Babington:
  2. Attend a Career vision session: Below is an invite to take part in a Career Vision session where your opinions & ideas will help shape the career strategy, actions and programme that will benefit your child.  If you are willing to take part please email or call 0116 2221616


Re: Parent/ Carer invite to take part in a career vision session


As part of our partnership with the LLEP and Careers Enterprise we are reviewing our current careers programme, strategy and provision.  We would love you to influence the way forward and contribute to the overall vision of careers for your child by taking part in a stakeholder session. This will provide outstanding evidence for Ofsted.


Date: Tuesday 29th March

Times: 9.30am-12.00pm here at school. Samantha White, Careers Leader will meet you in reception

WHY Bother?

We would like to create a Career Champion culture where every stakeholder feels visible, heard and is contributing to the Careers Strategy, action plans for the next 1-3 years and the Careers programme.  The aim being to create community vision and develop effective relationships with each other.

The aim is to equip students with career management skills to navigate uncertainty, grab opportunities and make informed decisions.

We aim to create an excuse proof culture where students are culture capital curious actively seeking opportunities to mobilise and fuel their progression.

We aim to provide a rich curriculum above and beyond the classroom experiences so students develop career management skills: knowledge power; skills acquisition; opportunity awareness;decision making

High quality careers guidance is a crucial part of improving social mobility. Young people make choices based on what they know and what they think is available to them. If our young people are made fully aware of the career pathways and opportunities available to them, they will be more able to make informed choices about which qualifications and career pathways will enable them to achieve their goals.

Please reply as soon as possible to confirm you are willing to take part. Call 0116 2221616 ext 123 or email

Kind regards

Samantha White
Careers Lead & Young Carers Support



Written by S White