Warwick Castle

    Posted on: 18/04/2023

    On the 18th March we took 36 Nurture students to Warwick Castle for the day for their ASDAN coursework, and to help with story writing in English.

    Students explored the majestic grounds and climbed the castle, looking at the interesting architecture. 

    We watched an incredible falconry show demonstrating some of the biggest birds we've ever seen - including Steller's Sea Eagles and Andean Condor . We also attended a sword skills workshop with a knight, who taught us how to follow commands in old English and how to fight in battle.

    Our students were so happy with the trip and took in every opportunity offered to them to explore life throughout the ages at the castle and inspire their creativity. Our staff were so proud of their behaviour and how they conducted themselves - making the school extremely proud of our students.