NACE Challenge Award

Posted on: 10/07/2018

We are very pleased to announce that, on the 10th July 2018, we achieved the Challenge Award for our provision for our More Able Gifted and Talented Pupils.


The assessors would like to thank all your staff and pupils for making them feel so welcome and enabling them to carry out the audit effectively.

The assessors commented that, “Overall Babington Academy is an exceptional school which makes very good provision for its More Able Gifted and Talented pupils. It recognises the need to challenge all pupils to achieve the highest levels of performance and this culture of high aspirations pervades the school but is strongly linked to concern for the whole child. The school is constantly striving for improvement and the whole atmosphere in the school is warm and lively, offering a positive learning environment and it was a pleasure to spend the day in the school.” 

These comments make us very proud.  It is wonderful to have had validation from external assessors.  Some of the highlights from the report are below.  Please click on the link below to read the full report.

NACE Challenge Award Report

“Babington Academy is a highly ambitious and forward-looking school which strives to break the barriers of disadvantage for its pupils and raise their aspirations. There is a real “can do” attitude and all the policies and documentation portray an upbeat message about the school’s journey and its commitment to being the best it can be; this was reflected in the conversations we had during the audit. “

“The commitment to meet the needs of AG&T pupils is led very effectively by the current coordinator with support from the SLT who have been fully involved in the evaluation of provision and are thus committed to driving the improvements identified. The expectations have been communicated comprehensively to all staff and are embedded in the school’s policy for T&L. As a result, staff are able to articulate the high-quality practice that is expected of them and evidence from lesson observations shows the use of the policy in practice. “

“Leaders use performance information diagnostically to plan effectively for improved provision and achievement. Targets are ambitious and there is evidence of within-year progress towards the targets which are reviewed as expectations increase. Learners have meaningful targets which will extend and challenge them and understand what they need to do to achieve them. “

“The very good standards in teaching have been achieved through clear guidance on expectations as set out in the “Babington Way” which is both a culture of high expectations of learners and clear guidance on effective pedagogy. Staff are carefully inducted and supported to ensure that they meet the expected standards as a result they are committed to continuously developing their practice.”

“Learners value the opportunities the school provides to participate in a very wide variety of events, additional learning opportunities, and activities which are challenging and allow them to demonstrate their abilities and talents. They are proud of their AG&T badges and aspire to live up to the school’s expectations of them at all times. “We wear them with pride – it gives us confidence and other learners turn to us for help in group work.”

I am a better teacher for being a teacher at this school – there are always opportunities for improvement and development and the school encourages us to try things out and then reflect on their effectiveness.”