“Our Shared Values” – Babington Academy’s latest enrichment day

Posted on: 30/10/2018

On Tuesday 30th October, we ran an enrichment day that focused on developing students’ understanding of important values that underpin the academy’s and our society’s principles.  

The day was arranged around five separate sessions that focused on: pride, dedication, respect, challenge and equity.  Students completed reflective logs that encouraged them to reflect on how the values were important to them as learners and modern members of our society.

The day was a great success with students taking a keen interest in historical figures such as Charles Darwin and Emmeline Pankhurst who have demonstrated qualities that we all aspire to.  We also explored modern events such as The Invictus Games and Pride and considered how they represented our shared values.

Students will be keeping their reflections from the day in their Portfilios of Excellence and we will all be striving to demonstrate positive values throughout our time at Babington and beyond.

Written by Mr Herbert