So you think you can dance? - Competition

Posted on: 22/11/2018

The evening of Wednesday 21st November saw our 2018/19 dance group in the first of their public performances.  They entered the ‘So you think you can dance – Leicester’ competition held at Moat Community College. 

The students who were part of the group last year had been working on creating new pieces since the start of September.  They were joined by new students after the October half term, just after they’d heard the theme for the competition this year was to be ‘changes throughout the years’.

Our new group worked hard on creating moves that would demonstrate some of the older dancing styles but timed it to more modern music pieces. 

With a time limit of only 3 minutes and a maximum of 8 performers, conditions imposed by the organisers, the group had some very difficult decisions to make. They decided to perform the Charleston (1920s) to Pencil full of Lead by Paulo Nutini (2009) smoothly transitioning into Swing  (1940s) to Candy Man by Christina Aguilera (2006) before finally segueing into Hip Hop (1990s) to Finesse by Bruno Mars and Cardi B (2018). 

They based their pieces on changes in dance through time whilst focussing on how modern music is influenced by older styles of music.  The whole group practised together every Monday for 2 hours and then made the decision as to which 8 would represent them at the competition.

Our 8 students danced with enthusiasm and great energy.  Babington was represented to the highest standard and in recognition of their talent and excellent portrayal of dance and music throughout the years they were awarded 2nd Place.

We could not have been more proud of their performance and their conduct throughout the evening!

Written by Mrs Line