RE revision conference

Posted on: 21/03/2019

On March 11th, we welcomed Dr Greg Barker from the University of Winchester to Babington. He delivered a bespoke revision conference focussed on knowledge, skills and exam tips to all our Y10 students. This was to support their preparation for their ‘live’ exams in May this year.

Dr Barker addressed the whole year group, making interesting links with Star Wars and Harry Potter and discussing the relevance of studying religious and Ethical  matters. Students were able to ask questions about RE and about the exam.

Following this all student benefited from a 2 hour workshop – with a quiz and lots of hints and tips. These were mainly focussed on our B and C questions. This is what students and staff had identified as our greatest need. Dr Barker did also advise and give hints and tips on the range of exam questions.

A high spot for the teachers was to witness 96 X band students huddled round tables in our Design Open Area, discussing their answers and focussing on Dr Barker’s feedback.

We are very grateful to Dr Barker for delivering the conference.