Who is who – Your child’s in-school support network


key staff and responsibility

Sara Fletcher - Principal

Sara Jayne Fletcher

Anne-Marie Fenton - Safeguarding and well being

Anne Marie Fenton
Medical Manager & Appointed First Aider James Lillystone

Tracy Coring - School Counsellor

Tracy Coring
Sharon Burder - School Counsellor Sharon Burder

Samantha White - Careers Advisor

Sam White

Joanne Carline - Key Stage Academic Assertive Mentor

Joanne Carline

Jason Knibbs - 1:1 Behaviour and conflict resolution Mentor

Jason Knibbs

Elizabeth Chavda - LAC support

Liz Chavda

Tina Milton - Library Assistant

Tina Milton

Kerry Parr - Library Assistant

Kerry Parr
Mel Pawley - Mental Health Champion Melanie Pawley

Alex Tivey - Mental Health Champion

Alex Tivey

Any student can self-refer and make an appointment to meet with Samantha White.

Any parent/ carer can get in touch to refer their child.