Upcoming Events

At Babington we offer multiple inspirational experiences above and beyond the classroom for our students to develop their character.  We call this Building Character for Learning and Life (BC4L) We recognise and celebrate our students as a whole person and understand becoming more self -aware allows us to grow in confidence. We have a jam packed calendar of opportunities from year 7 – year 11:

Events Coming Up

Once events are announced they will be displayed here.

Aspiration enrichment to date

  • Year 11 Careers Fair –Tuesday 1st November 2016. We welcomed over 26 providers representing Further Education; Higher Education; Apprenticeships; Volunteering; STEM sectors and Industry interacted with our students to support post 16 choices
  • University trips and visits are delivered throughout the academic year for year 7- Year 11. Recent trips to the University of Leicester have happened for  Year 7, 8 and 9 have taken place during October. Over xxx students have taken part to date
  • Dare to dream months - October 2016 & March 2017- A range of aspirational workshops and speakers for key stage 3 and 4:
    • Adventure on logic island- Thursday 13th October 2016  all 200 Year 7s took part in fun maths puzzle day
  • University of Leicester Wednesday 26th October 2016 – 40 x Year 9s took part in a fast paced Personal branding workshop
  • GCSE Choices Assemblies for Year 8 & 9 students
  • Where can English and Maths take Me for Year 8s
  • Challenge Day for Year 10s delivered by Loughborough University
  • Mock Interviews for Year 11s. Leicestershire Cares bring over 20 Employers from a range of sectors who will interview our Year 11 students.  The students will take part in a 10 minute interview with one employer and receive feedback from them
  • Visual CV Workshop for Year 9s delivered by DMU
  • National Careers Week and National Apprenticeship Week - Watch our twitter and website for updates regarding our plans for both National Careers Week and Apprenticeship week. These weeks happen during March.
  • Problem Solving Workshop for Year 7 students
  • Residential for Year 9 students
  • Life skills Workshop for Year 8 students delivered by DMU
  • Goals and Aspirations Workshop for Year 9s
  • Rapid Revision for Year 10s
  • Marginal Gains Workshops for Year 8s  
  • Stand Up and Take Over day for Year 10s
  • World of Work Week for Year 10s
  • Work Experience for Year 10s
  • Your Career Development journey- Student Learning