Teaching, Learning & Assessment

The Babington Way for Teaching and Learning

In order to promote outstanding learning, where students are highly effective thinkers who make outstanding progress, we will as teachers

  • Engage students with an activity that allows them to discover learning for themselves in the first Learning Episode
  • Contextualise learning clearly through relevant and focused learning objectives and BC4L foci
  • Share clear, relevant and measurable learning outcomes, informed by Target Grades, that map out different pathways of challenge using the Gold, Silver, Bronze system
  • Give clear instructions and explanations, maintaining a purposeful learning dialogue/narrative throughout the lesson so that students can articulate the purpose of their learning at every step
  • Plan to facilitate learning through sequenced learning episodes, underpinned by BC4L, with regular opportunities for independent discovery, investigation and review
  • Employ a range of strategies, every lesson, to develop students’ thinking skills and open a dialogue with students about the skills they are developing
  • Adapt planning as appropriate based on regular opportunities for assessment and review
  • Use a ‘blended’ approach to learning, ensuring that the internet and digital media are integrated alongside more traditional methods, over a series of lessons/over time
  • Extend students’ learning and reinforce positive learning habits through the setting of purposeful homework, using ‘Show My Homework’ to set regular homework as expected
  • As outlined in contextual booklets, differentiate effectively to accommodate individual/group learning needs, aligning this with differentiated learning outcomes and using Gold, Silver and Bronze terminology as appropriate
  • Recognise that we are all teachers of literacy, with a sharp focus on cross-curricular QWC, and numeracy and plan explicit learning opportunities to develop students’ skills in these areas
  • Capitalise on every second of learning time, maintaining a healthy lesson pace so that students are facilitated in making rapid progress
  • Have an ongoing dialogue with students about achievement, ensuring that this is formalised formalised through half-termly Progress Weeks
  • Embed a variety of AfL opportunities and be up to date with marking in line with the ‘Babington Way for effective Marking and Feedback’ (PINS, Wow, How, Now and WIN)
  • Use questioning effectively to recap learning, deepen and challenge thinking (through application of the PROBE acronym) and reshape understanding, ensuring that effective systems for questioning are fully embedded so that there is coverage of all students
  • Expect personal pride in presentation and the standard of work produced by students
  • Engage in regular dialogue with support staff to ensure that their deployment is highly effective and targets the learning needs of individuals and groups of learners.