Our Nurture curriculum at Babington is a specialist provision put in place for our SEND and DSP students. Students are placed in nurture according to their ability and need and taught in vertical groups on a stage not age basis. The curriculum is driven by rich literacy opportunities in order to support students to have the knowledge, understanding and skills to access other areas of the curriculum. Students are given the opportunity to graduate to mainstream when they are ready.

Students are taught in small classes by a group of specialist teachers, they are taught English, Maths and Tiered learning by the same teacher to offer greater continuity and stability; it also means our teachers know the students and their individual learning needs extremely well. Science, Technology and PE are taught by subject specialists who have good relationships with the students in nurture.

In Nurture English lessons students study a range of novels, Shakespeare plays, classic fiction, non-fiction reading and writing and develop skills in spoken language. The maths curriculum is designed to build on students’ prior knowledge, helping them to move forward with their numeracy skills.

The curriculum is a two- year rolling curriculum and students are taught vertically depending on their ability, not age. The curriculum is mapped out so that students cover essential literacy skills they need in KS4.

Students are assessed each half term, carrying out tasks that test the knowledge and skills taught during the scheme of learning. In addition to this students regularly reflect on their own and peers’ work, they are also given regular feedback on their written ability in order to improve their spelling and punctuation.

We also acknowledge that for many of our nurture learners the progress  they make within their lessons is not just academic and so all students in nurture also follow a ‘soft-skills’ curriculum – an ‘I can’ programme - which has been designed to help students build the necessary life-skills needed in order to become active citizens in their communities. This curriculum is delivered through the personal studies lesson and other extra-curricular activities.

Please click below for an example of the ‘I can’ programme.