Loving Learning Something New

Loving Learning Something New is an enrichment programme, which takes place every other Wednesday during school time, to foster a love of learning with the aim of developing ‘flow’. We want our students to develop an appreciation of being lost in learning and to become resilient learners, we want students to transfer these skills into other areas of their learning.

Students choose topics from a wide range of choices available under the following areas: Mathletics, Culture Vultures, Let’s get physical, Find your Talent, Helping Hands and Something for your CV. Students study their chosen topic for 3 sessions before rotating to another choice; they complete an activity in every area each academic year. 

To ensure we can demonstrate to students exactly how they are developing their resilience we have mapped the activities in Loving Learning Something New against our Building Character for Learning (BC4L) traits.

Examples of the opportunities open to students and how these help to build character for learning can be seen by clicking on the link below.