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Learning without Limits Academy Trust

Academy Improvement Plan

At Babington Academy we are absolutely driven to enable all learners to be confident members of the world, whose voices are heard and who are prepared and able to tackle the barriers that may limit them in fulfilling their ambitions. Our exciting curriculum has our students and their needs at the heart of it.  We offer a curriculum deep in cross curricular links as this is the best way “to make learning stick” for students so that they know more and can do more with this knowledge in a range of different contexts.  

We pride ourselves on offering an environment in which all students and staff succeed because they have the confidence and resilience to take risks and continually pursue improvement. To enable students to do this we support our students to develop the Babington DNA qualities. The Babington DNA is a set of five core qualities, embodied in our pledge, that we expect all Babington students to develop, refine and demonstrate each and every day. 

The five core Babington DNA qualities are as follows:

P – Personal Responsibility

R – Resilience

O – Offer gratitude

U – Understand, respect & value others

D – Dare to dream

We support our students to strive to uphold these qualities in everything they say and everything they do, every day. By proudly upholding the Babington DNA qualities; taking personal responsibility, being resilient, offering gratitude, understanding, respecting and valuing others and daring to dream, our students will develop into successful, well-rounded, individuals that are enabled to make choices about their own futures. 

Key Priorities

Our key priorities are to develop independence, culture and responsibility. These three key priorities permeate all aspects of academy life and we believe that with all members of Team Babington being invested in the development of these three key priority areas we will continue the upward trajectory that Babington has enjoyed over the past few years and will ensure that we drive further improvements at Babington.

Our three key improvement priorities are as follows. For each priority we have identified five key actions to bring about change, identified on the academy improvement plan summary grid.  We believe by focusing on the core ‘right’ activities we will drive significant improvements.

Priority 1: Instruction

  • Interactions between staff and students are inclusive and carefully planned according to the curriculum and are based on the needs of individuals identified through careful assessments and knowledge around learning. This is made possible by efficiently planned CPD (Continued Professional Development).

Priority 2: Culture

  • Routinely, students demonstrate and are rewarded for being ‘Proud to be Babington’ across all aspects of academy life; it is in their DNA and supports them to develop into community minded citizens. 

Priority 3: Responsibility

  • Staff systematically evaluate and take personal responsibility to improve all aspects of academy life so that students can achieve their full potential and secure the tools they need to unlock a successful future. 

Academy Improvement Plan and Self Evaluation Form (SEF)


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