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Uniform Expectations

All students are required to wear school uniform. This includes a student lanyard. Parents are expected to support students to help them look smart and uphold the dress code. The following school uniform has been agreed by Governors.

Uniform 3


School Blazer with logo.

Shirt Plain white cotton shirt with a collar which can be done up to the neck. All buttons must be done up.  Shirts to be tucked in at all times.  Polo shirts are not acceptable.
Tie School ties must be worn at all times. Year 11 must wear a Year 11 tie.
Lanyard Lanyards with school ID must be worn at all times. Lost lanyards will cost £5 to replace.
Jumper Black cardigan or jumper. No sweatshirts or hoodies.
Trousers Black trousers, school style. Black jeans, leggings, jeggings and trousers with any decoration e.g. gold/silver buttons, motifs are not allowed. Pockets must not have zips on them. Socks worn with trousers, must be plain black or white.

The Babington Academy tartan school skirt may be worn instead of trousers.  With the skirt students should wear either plain tights (neutral or opaque black) or plain black or white socks (not tights and socks). Skirts must be a minimum of knee length, there are a range of skirt lengths available. Babington Academy tartan school skirts can be purchased from Uniform Direct, Leicester. A long black ankle length skirt may be worn instead of the school tartan skirt for religious reasons.

Skirts must not be rolled up.

Shoes/trainers Plain black shoes/trainers with no logos or flashes on them. Lace ups must have black laces in them.
Outdoor coats Outdoor coats can be worn to school but must be removed before entering the school building. Outdoor coats must then be handed in and stored in the school’s cloakroom facilities.
Belts These must be plain black (not decorative) and used only for practical purposes.
Religious dress Religious headscarves and turbans must be plain black with no decoration on them. Topis may be plain black. Abayas must be plain black with shirt worn on top.
Facial coverings Facial coverings of any sort are not allowed to be worn in school at any time, with the exception of a face mask for medical reasons.
Jewellery and Accessories

Discreet nose stud/ring are allowed. No other nasal piercings. No septum piercings.

Earrings must be no bigger than a 2 pence piece and ear stretchers that are considered too big will also not be allowed.

All jewellery must be taken off for PE.

Headbands must be small and plain black without decoration; any hair accessory must be plain black.

Make-up Make-up must be discreet.
Nails False nails are not allowed.  Nails that we consider are overly long or sharp are not allowed either.
Hair Hair colour of students must be of natural colours.  No blues, greens, reds, etc. Extreme hair styles are not allowed.
PE kit

All students must wear black shorts or black jogging bottoms (may have a small logo).

Students must wear a black Babington T-shirt.

Babington hooded tops/plain black hooded tops are allowed but are optional. It is expected that students bring and wear PE kit even if, for some reason, they cannot join in a sporting activity.  This is because they are still expected to participate in the lesson in a coaching/leadership capacity.  Students must also bring a change of footwear for PE (i.e. different footwear to those they are wearing in the school building).

School bag All students must bring a school bag every day.  This must be big enough for students to keep books and other school equipment and resources safe.

Please note:

Students will be loaned items if they are not dressed to meet the school’s uniform expectations, as per the behaviour policy.

Where to buy

School blazers, ties and PE tops, are available to buy from either Uniform Direct or Schoolwear Solutions.

You can purchase uniform online or in store at both suppliers.

Schoolwear Solutions (formally John Cheatle's)

Uniform Direct

Parents Guide to Buying Uniform

Uniform Direct Price List 2023

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