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Learning without Limits Academy Trust

Attendance & Punctuality

At Babington Academy, we believe that high attendance is a key factor in student well-being and exam success. We have an extensive support team in place to ensure every student at Babington Academy is well supported through any difficulties they are facing. This support network extends to parents and carers.

It is clear that students who attend Babington Academy well (96%+) will achieve better outcomes, do better in lessons, find it easier to make progress and feel happier about school. We want this for every student and know good attendance is fundamental to supporting our young people to meet their best possible outcome.

Senior Leader responsible for attendance: Tom Dowsing.

Please contact the office at BAB-Office@babington.lwlat.org.ukshould there be any major challenges requiring attendance support.

Report an Absence

Education is a vital part of a child's development, and regular school attendance plays a crucial role in ensuring they receive a well-rounded education. However, should your child be unable to attend school for any reason, we ask that you make every effort to notify the school on the morning of any absence so we can record absence appropriately. Please do this by:


Please refer to our attendance policy for details of our attendance strategies, interventions and expectations.

Below are some other links you may find useful that are related to our policy and provide other local sources of support and information regarding student attendance: 

Requests for term time leave of absence

  • These requests must be made in writing to the Principal if the parent/carer believes there are exceptional circumstances that warrant a leave of absence (as per the government guidelines).
  • Each request will be considered individually and will take into account a number of factors.
  • All requests will be responded to in writing.
  • For more information on the Local Authority policies on fixed penalty notices for term time leave, please follow the relevant links above. 

Persistent and Severe Absence

Since 2015, the government have advised that Persistent Absence (PA) is when "a student enrolment’s overall absence equates to 10 per cent or more of their possible sessions." Therefore any student whose attendance is 90% or below is classified as Persistently Absent from school. 

Following new guidance from September 2022, Severe Absence (SA) has been defined as "those missing 50% or more of school".

Wellbeing Support

Babington Academy is committed to the wellbeing of our students. This commitment can be seen in our strong pastoral support structures.

Learning without Limits Academy Trust Education Welfare Team

Visit the LwLAT Welfare Support page.

LwLAT Welfare Team (ID 1214)

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