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Learning without Limits Academy Trust

Our Ethos & Values

We will make a profound positive difference to everyone who comes through our school gates. The Babington Academy Pledge is read in assembly each morning and all students are expected to conduct themselves in line with The Pledge.

PROUD to be Babington

We are 'PROUD' to be Babington... it's in our DNA!

The Babington DNA is a set of five core qualities, embodied in our pledge, that we expect all Babington students to develop, refine and demonstrate each and every day.

The five core Babington DNA qualities are:

  • P - Personal responsibility
  • R - Resilience
  • O - Offer gratitude
  • U - Understand, respect & value myself and others
  • D - Dare to dream

We expect our students to strive to uphold these qualities in everything they say and everything they do, every day. By proudly upholding the Babington DNA qualities; taking personal responsibility, being resilient, offering gratitude, understanding, respecting and valuing others and daring to dream, our students will develop into successful, well-rounded, individuals. 

Embodying the Babington DNA qualities will ensure that our students leave Babington Academy with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to thrive in a challenging and ever-changing world, having the confidence and resilience to take risks and continually pursue improvement. By developing, refining and demonstrating the Babington DNA our students will leave Babington Academy with the emotional and intellectual literacy to be effective and active global citizens who have qualifications which give them choices alongside a desire to be life-long learners.

The Babington Pledge

Babington DNA and The Babington Pledge

Babington DNA qualities are embodied within The Babington Pledge.


  • "I will always to the best of my ability treat Babington with respect during my years here." 

Personal responsibility

  • "I believe that all staff and students should treat each other with respect and I will lead by example."
  • "I understand that my Academy is judged by my actions and I will always try to give a good impression of the place where I learn."

Dare to dream, Resilience

  • "I will try my best to take advantage of the opportunities offered to me here."

Offer gratitude

  • "I will cherish those who help me to achieve my goals."

Understand, respect & value myself and others

  • "I understand that bullying and unkind words are not tolerated in our Academy and I will not treat anyone differently because of their religion or culture."
  • "I will value everyone for who they are."
  • "I will respect the right of everyone to worship their God and I will embrace the cultural diversity of the Academy."
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