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Learning without Limits Academy Trust

Dare to Dream

As part of our extra curricular offer at Babington we offer a wealth of opportunities which students can get involved with. It is unpinned by our PLEDGE which states 'I will try my best to take advantage of the opportunities offered to me here'. We encourage students to Dare to Dream, which is within the PROUD values we develop within students.

The range of clubs on offer vary from sports clubs to more academic clubs such as Mandarin. We encourage our students to take part in a Dare to Dream club to pursue their interests and talents as well as develop the vast amount of skills extra-curricular clubs offer. 

We believe that by participating in Dare to Dream activities students will develop social skills, learn about the world around them, develop new and exciting interests as well as support their mental and physical health. 

We strive for all our students to Dare to Dream so they can fulfil their dreams and achieve their goals in life. This is because we want our students to reach their full potential and live fulfilling and happy lives when they leave Babington.  

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